The Best Quarantine Activity Next Week

In a recent post I mentioned a unique gathering of geopolitical and investment gurus, all hyper-successful individuals who are the top of their respective fields.

In a typical year, they come together at the Strategic Investment Conference (SIC) which I will unequivocally state is the best investment conference in the world, and has been for many years.

But this isn't a typical year. Far from it. Which is why the SIC is being held virtually this year, and why attending it is so important.

Normally an SIC registration costs over $3,000, on top of which you would have had to pay for travel, hotel, etc.

And even then you would be unlikely to get a seat, as the attendance is limited to 475 people, and over 90% of the attendees come year after year.

By doing the conference virtually, you can attend from the comfort of your home or office, and because the production costs are so much lower (i.e. no need for the organizers to put on elaborate banquets, pay for speaker flights, etc.) the cost of the registration is dramatically less.

Instead of paying thousands, the registration is just $395.

The Virtual SIC begins this Monday, May 11 and runs through May 21. You can watch the presentations live, submit questions, or watch the presentations later at your convenience.

I really can't stress how unique and important this event is, at this critical point in time. Again, the faculty are not run-of-the-mill 'experts', but very serious and very smart folks. In fact, three of them are billionaires.

Some names you'll recognize, some you won't, but only because they are behind-the-scenes types. But together they will provide you with perspective on the new world we have awaken to, and help you organize you life and your finances on a sound foundation.

Here's is a 20,000 foot view of some of the key areas which will be discussed, starting with the panel discussions.

  • Monetary Policy & Debt
  • The US Government in Flux—Political Effects of the Crisis
  • Re-Globalization and China's Role in the World
  • Europe in the Aftermath of COVID-19
  • Returning to the New Normal

These panel sessions are quite lively affairs and extremely popular with the audience.

In addition, here's a short list of other important topics you can expect to hear about:

  • Globalization, National Security, and Corporate Supply Chains
  • Dislocations and Moral Hazard
  • Winners and Losers—from Obvious Companies to Emerging Industries
  • Rich vs. Poor—Risk of Geopolitical Tensions and Wars
  • Immigration
  • Inflation vs. Deflation
  • Global Debt Levels

To learn more about the event, including the faculty roster, and to register today, follow the link here:

                            CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE VIRTUAL SIC

While I am admittedly biased, as I own part of Mauldin Economics which organizes the event, I really couldn't be more adamant in recommending you attend.

I'll be watching the event alongside you (virtually) here from desk in Cafayate.

After all, what could be more important at this point than gaining an informed perspective on what we are likely to see next for the economy, geopolitics, investment markets, etc., etc?

Warm Regards,


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