Sendero is Born

I have considered myself a writer since roughly the ninth grade. The spark was an English teacher, Paul Knauff, who read the class a rather rambunctious short story I had written and clearly enjoyed doing so. I thought at the time that if my writing could entertain an English teacher, maybe I was on to something.

Besides, I pretty much sucked at all other academics, so I figured I better grab on to the only scholastic lifeline tossed my way.

There is a saying attributed to Ray Bradbury that to be a writer you must first write a million words. Since that fateful day in Knauff's class I have written a multiple of that number. It is a pastime and a passion I indulge myself in every day.

Wondrously, given my lack of other academic abilities (or, accomplishments: I am still technically a university freshman) my early career slowly but steadily led me onto a path where I was able to parlay my love for writing into personal and material success. Since approximately the age of 30 a solid percentage of my every business day has involved writing. While others toiled, I got to play.

Today I am mostly at leisure, my business accomplishments behind me. With my wife and two children I live in the Argentine outback, in the small wine-making town of Cafayate. One of the great perks of making your living writing is that you can do it from pretty much anywhere and I have always chosen to do so from my current version of paradise.

In addition to writing, my current passions include long-distance horseback riding, golf and the ancient game of GO.

So, why a blog?

Simply because I enjoy sharing my ideas and my stories. Fortunately, based upon the direct and indirect feedback I have had from a subset of upwards of 100,000 subscribers to a newsletter I no longer write, others appear to enjoy reading them.

I begin this blog, named Sendero after the Spanish word for 'trail', with low expectations. I may be writing for an audience of one. That would be okay, because to be a writer, first and foremost you must write for yourself.

As mentioned a moment ago, I have ideas and stories to share. A computer full of them. If nothing else, this blog can be a place to warehouse those. Who knows, maybe some day they will be uncovered by someone who enjoys reading the posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

David Galland

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