An Interim Sendero post: Looking for beta testers for RiskHedge

Dear Senderos,

Over the past week I've been working on a fairly long, and I think interesting, Sendero posting entitled "Average". It's about what it means to be an average person.

While the subject matter may seem pretty straightforward, it's not... and the research has taken me far longer than I anticipated.

However, I will get it done between now and next Monday... I hope!

In the interim, I want to share a letter I just sent out to a small group of friends inviting them to join the growing group of beta testers for RiskHedge, our free new e-letter dedicated to disruption research.

As I consider you and anyone who reads Sendero in the friends camp, I wanted to offer you the same opportunity.

I really think you'll enjoy RiskHedge, otherwise I wouldn't be mentioning it here.

Details below.

Until next week, happy trails!


Dear Friends,

Frankly, I thought I was done with the financial research and publishing business.

For more than ten years it was my passion.

And my partners and I poured a tremendous amount of time and energy into trying to do something different and better than the hype and bluster of most newsletter businesses.

As we were dealing in high risk, high potential speculations, things didn’t always go our way. However, we pursued our research seriously and always kept our subscribers best interests in mind.

However, for reasons beyond my control, we ultimately sold Casey Research, and I figured that would pretty much be it for my career in publishing..

With time on my hands, I turned to new passions, including two new wine companies and a successful bar in the Argentine outback.

Then Came RiskHedge

When my long-standing business partner Olivier Garret came to me with Risk Hedge about a year ago and asked me to participate, it rekindled the spark that I had allowed to die down over the last couple of years.

His idea was to help investors better understand the incredibly powerful disruptive forces that are eroding the previously solid foundations of virtually all the world’s major industries.

Disruptions primarily caused by new technologies and stunning increases in computational power.

Healthcare, financial markets, transportation, telecommunications, manufacturing… all of those industries and more are literally being torn apart in front of our eyes.

And now the forces of disruption are beginning to eat their own - the most recent case being Facebook’s one day, $120 billion stock drop.

With everything up for grabs, or at risk of being slaughtered by the next new technological advancement, even the most sophisticated investors are having a hard time keeping on the right side of the equation.

Get it right, and the returns can be life changing. Get it wrong and that big investment you don’t pay very much attention to could turn out to be the modern day equivalent of a buggy-whip manufacturer.

Then disappear off the face of the earth.

RiskHedge is Real

Slowly and steadily Olivier has built up a great team of serious professionals to help bring RiskHedge to life.

At the moment, the primary focus has been to frame the parameters within which the service will focus it’s research. And to beta-test it with friends, family and others with whom the team has long-term relationships.

Now, let me pause for a second to say that I don’t need to be involved with RiskHedge.

In fact, thanks to a lifetime of working my ass off, I could spend my days playing golf or pursuing my hobby of taking long horseback rides into the mountains surrounding the small Argentine town where we now spend most of the year.

However, I am so happy at the evolution of RiskHedge… at the quality and the importance of the research… I was eager to be involved.

At the moment, we are not charging for any of our services - and the weekly RiskHedge e-letter will remain free forever for the early beta users….

...even though it contains hard research and provides specific details on the companies the team believes are going to come out on top of in the technology wars now raging.

As importantly, the research focuses on who is going to lose. Could you ever imagine that Netflix is in grave danger?

Or that both Google and Facebook are losing ad revenue by the billions to a start-up? That’s no small thing.

Here’s a quote from the recent RiskHedge article, This Little Company is Stealing Business from Google and Facebook…

"American internet giants Google (GOOG) and Facebook (FB) dominate online advertising. In fact, they earn almost all their revenue from internet ads: 98% of Facebook’s revenue and 87% of Google’s comes from selling online ads."

It’s an interesting article, and a very interesting investment opportunity.

However, before going on, I want to be clear that RiskHedge is NOT a ‘technology” letter. Rather you can think of it as “disruption research”.

I mention that because in another recent weekly RiskHedge e-letter, Senior Analyst Stephen McBride looks at the global airline industry and comes up with a surprising pick as a way to play the US-China trade war.

Did you know that airplanes are the United State’s single largest export? They are, and by a considerable margin.

You can read that article, How We’ll “Get Rich Slowly” from the China Trade War by clicking here.

Again, like all the free weekly RiskHedge e-letters you’ll find the specific details on how you can take advantage of the unfolding disruption… or avoid the risks of getting hurt by investing in an at-risk company.

No hype, none of the inflammatory and downright misleading headlines that are, regrettably, standard tools of the investment publishing trade these days.

Where Do You Fit In?

Simply that in beta stage for RiskHedge we want to get as many readers as possible…

... that will give us the feedback we need to make this service something that blows minds and tangibly helps people to survive and thrive the disruption.

Take a moment now, while it’s in front of you, to click the link just below and check out the articles on Netflix and on the airline industry… and on the feisty competitor giving Google and Facebook a run for their money.

Click here now to go to the RiskHedge website and sign up to be part of the beta.

While on the site, you can join the beta group which entitles you to receive the free weekly RiskHedge e-letter.

I would ask for just one small favor in return for the top quality research you’ll receive: If the team does blow your mind with the free weekly e-letter, please forward copies to your friends.

They, too, are welcome to join during this beta period… the more the merrier. (We are already up to over 10,000 and counting… so far, so good!)

That’s what’s going on.

Thanks for reading. Hope you love RiskHedge… and, please, feel free to send me any input you have.

Okay, back to work.

Warm Regards,


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